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For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Jesus Christ

There is nothing more important for a person than to know the Lord Jesus Christ. For more information, please pray and read the Bible.

Have you heard of The Four Spiritual Laws ?

Why I Believe by O. P. Martin

Recommended reading list:

1. The Holy Bible. Get yourself a good translation, like the ESV (English Standard Version), which is both reasonably accurate and easy to read. The Bible is "The User's Manual for the Human Soul".

2. Lewis, C. S.: "Mere Christianity", Macmillan, 1943, 1945, 1952.

3. Packer, J. I.: "Knowing God", InterVarsity, 1973.

4. Warren, Rick: "The Purpose Driven Life", Zondervan, 2002.

5. Davis, Marietta: "Caught Up Into Heaven", 1848.

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This is a personal home page. The purpose of such a page is to share a little bit of the eclectic tastes or humor of the one who composed it. You have been warned.

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We offer computing services including programming, web design, music production, and vinyl to digital conversion. For more information, you can inquire below.


Performed by O. P. Martin:

By the grace of God, here is our latest music video, "Ten Commandments Song - Doug Moore and Frances Pahk". The lyrics were written by Isaac Watts, Doug and Frances provided awesome vocals, and I wrote the music by His grace.

Here it is on Youtube.

The song is also available for remixing. You can change a life and find out more here.

The Sheet Music is availale for FREE, including lyrics, melody, and chords.

Our two music albums are still available. You can check them out on iTunes, Amazon, and other fine music services.

"Jesus, O Jesus II", by Philip Martin, on Amazon.

"Fly Away", by O. Philip Martin, on Amazon.

Philip Martin Music still has a page on Facebook.

Visit the Computer Pipe Organ page to see how I built my computer pipe organ. This is also where you can download some free soundfonts.

Historical versions can be found on the Music Blog Archives.

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Here are some free Christian and family-friendly internet radio and tv streams.

Just for fun: kaleidoscope.

Are You A Good Person?

Printable 'Are You A Good Person' tract (in many languages)

Here are my top favorite YouTube videos of all time.

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