VCS 83 Reunion Pictures

To see the full-sized pictures, click on the thumbnails below. Or, better yet, right-click and hit "Save Target As..." (or equivalent) and save it to your hard disk. The images are 1600 x 1200; each one is about 200k. They should be suitable for printing. If I have overlooked anyone, I apologize. If there are any corrections, please let me know. Thank you. The following are in chronological order:

25th Reunion

Wendy Gibbs Morrison and her mom

Wendy Gibbs Morrison

Greg Blair

Brian Pohl

Kevin Aveni

Amin Aminian and Fred Garth

Linnea Pate Hance

Jim Okumura

Steve Green

Jamie Johnson

Mark Bates

Russ McNees and Alysia Showalter Schwarz

Cindy Frith-Smith

Susan Samuels Kilgore

Tarn Victor

Mark Kapoh

Kaya Zuzak

Mrs. Bates-Cruseturner

I ran into Doug two days later at a Round Table restaurant:

Doug Brown

Shawn Sawyer

Damon Haus

21st Reunion

Lisa Lamoureux Goudy

Alysia Showalter Schwarz and Melinda Hanna Nims

Jamie Johnson

Mrs. Hanna and Mrs. Sayre

Patty Reed McKee

Kristen Nelson Shores

Mr. Henry

Amin Aminian

Wendy Gibbs Morrison

Doug and Denise Adams Winkler

Maria Rabassa and Pam Paschke Jones

Darren and Janet Bolin Case

Mr. Hagberg and Mrs. Bates-Cruseturner

Carrie Stuart-Marcotte

Mike Melson and Tom Rapp

Kevin Aveni and Nicole Vettraino Reagan

Susan Samuels Kilgore

Vicki Anderson Hamilton

Dave Cole, Matt Perry and Bill Maske

Mark Kapoh

Mark Bates

Miss Floyd

Bernie Mills

David Guild

Tarn Victor

Daniel Crosby

Raf Orozco and Sean McCrossen

Cindy Frith-Smith

Sue Flim Kapuscinski

Robert Sickels

Sherry Hale

Denise Comstock Valdez

Erich Lohde and his groupies

Here are some more that were not from the reunion dinners:

Victor Rodriguez

Marc Canu

Erich Lohde

Shawn Sawyer

All photos by O. P. Martin
except the 25th reunion photo of Jamie Johnson, which was taken by Brian Hance,
and the picture of Shawn Sawyer with his family.

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